Truro River Surfboat Race 2017

Saturday 8th April - Mens crews row up the river, Womens crews row down

Men start time at Mylor Beach 15:30 hrs

Women start time at Boscawen Park tide gate 17:00 hrs

This 10km race first began with Truro River Gig club organising a race from Mylor Harbour to the Vickery Holman building situated by the basin at Truro. The event was scheduled for the Easter saturday each year. Because of the increasing size of the World Gig Championships at the beginning of May on the Isles of Scilly crews have to ship their gigs to the islands earlier and therefore they have difficulty attending the Truro event, now scheduled for later in the year.

The April date suited the surfboat crews with rolling seats installed in the boats. It gave crews an opportunity to contest a distance race before the boats returned to their respective beaches.

Surfboat crews agreed to alternate the course rowed each year between the mens and womens crews. The timing of the race is scheduled to ensure that crews reach the flood gate at Truro on the high tide.

Report for the Truro River Race 2017

A 12mph easterly wind greeted the mens crews at the start at Mylor. This produced chopping conditions in the Carrick Roads for the crews and sweeps to negotiate be fore reaching the relative shelter and calm waters of Truro River. With warm sunshine the crews enjoyed a pleasant row to the finish at the Truro flood gate. The main tussle was between Perranporth 1 and Portreath with just 5 secs seperating the crews at the finish.

The Womens crews set off on a timed handicap and endured a headwind for the first 1/4 mile. By the time all the womens crews had reached the river mouth, the easterly winds had dropped. The finish times proving that the row down the river was some what more taxing on the crews.

Map of the course

Truro River Surfboat Race

2017 Results

Mens Race result (up)
Porthtowan Blue Bali 52:51
Perranporth 1 54:25
Portreath 54:30
Perranporth 2 1:00:42
Plymouth Tamar 1:03:16

Womens Race result (down)
Porthtowan 1:02:46
Perranporth 1 1:04:12
Perranporth 2 1:08:16
St Agnes Randoms 1:08:18


2016 Results

Woman Race Result (up)
Porthtowan - 1 hr 15:20
Portreath - 1 hr 20:51
Perranorth - 1hr 30:31

Men Race results (down)
Portreath - 47:57
Porthtowan Blue Bali 48:24
Porthtowan Blue Betty 49:40
Perranporth A 50:42
Perranporth B 51:51
St Agnes TOFs - 53:32

2015 Results

Mens race results (up)
Blue Bali 39.29
Portreath 39.34
Blue Betty 42.30
Perranporth blue 46.32
Perranporth white 47.12
St Agnes Mixed 55.00

Women's race results (down)
Perranporth Scilly Girls 45:55
St Agnes 47:15
Porthtowan Blue Bali wmn 47:30
Porthtowan Blue Betty wmn 49:17
Perranporth Minions u17s 58:34
Perranporth Ladies 60:33


2014 Results

Womens Race (up)
Perranporth Pixies------------------- 1:01:43
Perranporth Poissons-------------- 1:02:23
Porthtowan Ladiesofacertainage1:03:56
Perranporth Students--------------- 1:14:43

Mens Race (down)
Porthtowan 3men1women--- 0:54:01
Perranporth Parrots------------ 0:55:15
Porthtowan Ion Boys----------- 0:55:51
Portreath-------------------------- 0:56:10
Perranporth Needtobebetter 0:58:55
Perranporth Oldandyoung ---1:03:15

2013 Results

Mens Race (up)
Porthtowan Blue Betty--- 0:59:56
Porthtowan Blue Bali---- 1:02:56
Portreath White------------ 1:05:45
Perranporth White-------- 1:12:17
Perranporth Blue--------- 1:12:32

Womens Race (down)
Perranporth White----- 0:54:58
Perranporth Blue------ 0:56:45
Porthtowan Blue------- 0:58:11
Perranporth Maidens 1:03:28

2012 Results

Women's race (up)
Perranporth White boat-------- 01:05.22
Perranporth Blue boat--------- 01:06.41
Porthtowan Black and Blues 01:07.25
Bournemouth-------------------- 01:16.30
Porthtowan------------------------ 01:23.17

Men's race (down)
Porthtowan Blue Bali------ 51.45
Perranporth White boat-- 54.28
Porthtowan Blue Betty--- 55.28
Perranporth  Blue boat-- 56.55
Bournemouth-------------- 57.02

2011 Results

Men - up the river

Porthtowan Blue Bali                48:57
Bude Barracudas.......               50.31
Perranporthh Probables         52.48
Porthtowan Blue Betty.... ....... 52.53
Perranporth Porkers.                54.05

Women - down the river

Perranporth Phoenix......           55.28
Porthtowan Pure Blue.              55:40
Porthtowan Blue Rinsers.....    56.02

2010 Results

Women - up the river

Bude Runners.....                       53:24
Perran Rebel Angels                 55:29
Porthtowan Blue something    56:26
Perran Fallen Angels                57:45
Bude Newbies..............              58:36

Men - down the river

Bude Barracudas.                     48:41
Porthtowan Blue Bali                53:15
Perran Old Farts...                     56:24
Porthtowan Blue Betty............. 57:05
Perran Mixed.....                         58:36


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