Rigging a Surfboat - Courtesy of Croker Oars

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Rigging your Surf Boat

The following diagrams explain how to rig your surfboat in the most efficient way. By following these suggestions you may find that when in the drive phase of the stroke the oar will lock on a lot more cleanly and efficiently. Goodluck and safe boating!

Rigging your Surfboat

Inboard and seat positions

Height off the water


Setting up the angle of the feet
and height of seat and height off water


Positioning the rower

It is important that each rower regardless of height finish in the same position. Move the front stretcher or rowlock , using this drawing as a guide to get all four rowers in a similar finish position.


Set Rowlock

Check the Pitch of the Blade at the catch and finish positions.


Bend the Pin at No.2 point using a Rigga Jigga (see below) to get the amount of pitch required. After the pitch has been set you need to make sure that their is enough free space to allow the oar to release easily out of the gate

Bend the Pin at No 3 point to allow the oar to spin freely


If the oar can come out of the rowlock when located as per drawing. Then the gap was set correctly. This will enable oar to pop out at times of undue pressure and help prevent damage to oar and injury to crew


How to set the correct gap in the rowlock


Dimensions for the bending tool




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